Are you thinking of offering firefly programming to your group or organization? Whether you are a school teacher, environmental educator, or a garden club, Firefly Watch would like to help. We have assembled a number of materials to help make your firefly program a success. The Firefly Watch Toolkit includes basic information on firefly natural history and biology, a firefly flash chart, a prerecorded firefly demonstration, firefly images, and much more.

Working With Firefly Watch

Build your firefly program around the Firefly Watch Citizen Science program. Here are some ways to use Firefly Watch:

  • Set up a Firefly Watch habitat at your site and monitor firefly numbers with staff, volunteers, visitors, overnight groups, friends, or colleagues.
  • Assemble a cadre of Firefly Watch volunteers to monitor firefly numbers in your area.
  • Lead a firefly night hike.
  • Offer a presentation on firefly natural history.
  • Set up a firefly web site.
  • Develop a firefly nature trail.

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Volunteer to share your observations of fireflies in your backyard — no special scientific training required.
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Observing fireflies is a great summer activity. Join our network of volunteers and track your sightings throughout the season.
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Pick a location, observe it weekly, and use our online tools to follow your progress.
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You might see more than one type of firefly in your yard. New England fireflies fall into three main groups, and they can be identified by flash color, pattern, and location. Check out the Virtual Habitat to see what fireflies might look like in action.

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