How To Participate

Your Habitat

After registering and logging in, you'll provide a description of your study site. Is your yard shrubby with long grass? Is your grass mowed and fertilized? You only need to fill out this sheet once during the season.

Your Data

Then, you'll fill out an observation sheet each time you visit your backyard to look for fireflies. Remember, "absence" data is just as important to us as "presence" data. Even if you don't see fireflies in your backyard, we want to know. To get an idea of what to look for, visit the Virtual Habitat.

Read our field tips and frequently asked questions to help make your data collection easy and fun.

Throughout the summer, we'll be updating the online map of everyone's firefly sightings, so you can check on the project's progress and perhaps find a local firefly hotspot in a public access area that's close to you.

Volunteer to share your observations of fireflies in your backyard — no special scientific training required.
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Observing fireflies is a great summer activity. Join our network of volunteers and track your sightings throughout the season.
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When you join Firefly Watch, you're not only tracking firefly sightings in your yard; you're also helping local scientists with their research.
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Keep a firefly notebook of your observations. You'll be amazed by how much you begin to notice when you write down what you see!

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