Firefly Show

People of all ages are fascinated by fireflies. Yet most people know very little about them. This 20-minute PowerPoint presentation, developed and presented for the visitors at the Museum of Science, Boston, reveals many fascinating facts about their natural history. The video of the program can be downloaded and presented as is, or you can download the PowerPoint presentation and customize the program to suit your needs.

Firefly Show - mp4

Firefly Show - PPT

Note: Instructions on making the firefly fishing rod, the device used to imitate the firefly in the demo, can be found in the Leading a Firefly Walk document.

Volunteer to share your observations of fireflies in your backyard — no special scientific training required.
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Observing fireflies is a great summer activity. Join our network of volunteers and track your sightings throughout the season.
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Pick a location, observe it weekly, and use our online tools to follow your progress.
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You might see more than one type of firefly in your yard. New England fireflies fall into three main groups, and they can be identified by flash color, pattern, and location. Check out the Virtual Habitat to see what fireflies might look like in action.

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