Firefly Day

The Museum kicks off each year of its Firefly Watch citizen science project with a day-long celebration of our volunteers and the insects they follow. Enjoy special presentations from firefly scientists, a multimedia slide show, and children's activities as you learn about these wonderful and fascinating insects.

The event typically happens in mid-April. Details arrive in the Firefly Watch Update monthly email.
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Firefly Day 2009 — includes videos from our researchers' presentations.

When you join Firefly Watch, you're not only tracking firefly sightings in your yard; you're also helping local scientists with their research.
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On the discussion board, Firefly Watch members can ask questions and share tips. Sign up today and join the conversation.
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Pick a location, observe it weekly, and use our online tools to follow your progress.
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Keep a firefly notebook of your observations. You'll be amazed by how much you begin to notice when you write down what you see!

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