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Plan Your Afterlife

Need help coordinating your trip to the afterlife? In our interactive game, Eternity Travel assists you with everything from shopping for tombs to selecting a mummification stylist.

Mummies, Tombs and Pharaoh Gold...

Mummy Mummies, elaborate afterlife preparations, buried tombs that require painstaking excavation, mysterious hieroglyphs and wall paintings … These are just a few of the many legacies of ancient Egypt that have captured the attention of people throughout history. You can explore them further on this site!


 Get to know our 2500 year old mummy: review extensive CATscan imaging, and manipulate a highly detailed 3-D model.

 Read about excavation and mummification.

 Try your hand at excavation & send a buried message to a friend.

 Plan your journey to the afterlife with

 Play the ancient Egyptian game of Senet.

 or try some other activities!


  Quest Artifact

 Send A Buried Message

Inscribe a message to a friend on an ancient tablet, then bury it deep in the desert sand. Your friend will receive an email and will have to unearth the message using archaeology tools.

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