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Did you know?
Some ancient Egyptian tombs cotained as many as 200 or more ushebtis.

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Eternity Extras

The journey to the afterlife can be grueling and treacherous, but we’ve got all the goods to protect you along the way. And, once you’ve arrived, we’ve got plenty of provisions to keep you comfortable and content for all eternity.

Pectoral Amulet
5 debens

A charming heart protector, inscribed with a compelling plea to the gods. Don't be caught without one as you pass through the Hall of Two Truths. When your heart is weighed against past deeds, you'll be glad you have it!

Book of the Dead
100 debens

Navigate the dangers of Duat with these time-tested maps, prayers, and magic spells. The Book of the Dead is your papyrus passport to the afterlife!

Canopic Jars
10 debens

These compact "stay-fresh" containers are ideal for storing your vital organs without using precious tomb space. This fabulous four-piece set includes one Imetsy, one Hapy, one Duamutef, and one Qebehsenuef.

5 debens

You wouldn't know a bradawl if it bit you in the behind. Don't let death transform you into a common laborer. Kick back and savor a cup of wine while these little guys do the dirty work for you.
(Set of 5. Decorative box included.)

50 debens

Your social status will not be in question when you hire this team of official mourners. Highly trained in the art of grief, these women will satisfactorily flail, weep, and wail as your mummy is brought to rest in its tomb. (Group of 6)

10 debens

These adorable little tchotchkes will brighten up even the darkest tomb. But don�t be fooled by their appearance; they will ward off the most evil of spells. Set includes: Osiris, Bastet, Sakhmet, Isis, Horus, and Thoth.

Food Basket
10 debens

Saving your soul can be exhausting work; recharge with our pre-packaged provisions. Chock-full of all the soul food essentials: dates, raisins, pomegranates, palm fruit, figs, beans, lentil, and several loaves of hearty barley n' honey bread.

Cosmetics and Haircare Kit
5 debens

Includes hairpins, a wooden comb, tweezers, and tongs for curling hair. Applicators and mirrored case included. Eye paint and pigment in three fashion colors: Mad for Malachite, Galena Goddess, and Oh So Ochre.

Senet Board
5 debens

Our special travel-size Senet board makes it easy to bring the fun with you. We guarantee you'll be the life of the party in the afterlife!

Case of Wine
20 debens

To accompany your food basket, may we recommend the Nile Vineyards 1550 BCE? A dark, lush wine with hints of berry and dense complex flavors of honey, spice, cedar, and ripe fruit: this wine will stand up to just about anything.

Five-Stringed Harp
10 debens

Those afterlife parties can be pretty dull without some decent musical accompaniment. Don’t get stuck listening to someone else’s lame tunes. Bring along a harp and provide your own!

Discount Grab Bag new
75 debens

All the essentials for one low price! Assorted jewelry, games, food, cosmetics, and one of the following (our choice):
Pectoral Amulet (1)
Ushebti (1)
Book of the Dead (abridged version)