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Engineering All Over

Most of the recent growth in undergraduate science and engineering education has occurred in science fields. In engineering, bachelor's degrees increased since 2001 but have not yet attained the levels of the 1980s. (Science and Engineering Indicators 2010, National Science Board)

Become an Agent of Change

The NCTL provides guidance and resources to those who want to integrate engineering as a new discipline in schools and museums nationwide. Learn more:

K-12 Programs The Gateway Project

“By meeting real, working engineers, students will gain a deeper understanding of what engineering is - and a few may have memorable experiences that will directly impact their future career choices.” - Charlie Corley, Director of Technology, Winchester High School, Winchester, MA

The Gateway to Engineering and Technology Education project involves a community of Massachusetts school district leaders in sharing best practices, experiencing hands-on engineering activities, and helping each other solve problems in order to implement the state's K-12 technology/engineering standards. The Institute of Museum and Library Services provided a half-million dollar grant for us to support 50 school district leadership teams over the first three years. Participant district leadership teams collaborated during summer institutes, call-back days and online forums with other Gateway teams.

Today, with subsequent support from an anonymous donor, a network of over 65 MA school-district leadership teams has focused on implementing the state's technology-engineering standards via the NCTL's Gateway project. The program has reached nearly 300 teachers and administrators and over 379,000 students (about 40% of MA public school enrollment).

Downloads (PDFs):

This Gateway model is being used in a partnership with Maine Math and Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance (MMSA) and "Transformation 2013": Education Service Center (ESC) Region 13 - Austin (TX) and ESC Region 20 - San Antonio (TX).

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To learn more about the Gateway project:

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