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Welcome to the National Center for Technological Literacy Homepage

The National Center for Technological Literacy, an initiative of the Museum of Science, Boston, is reaching out and improving engineering understanding nationwide to help the nation realize its potential.

Our belief is that all of us should be better equipped to live and work in the human-made world by increasing our collective understanding of engineering and technology.

Engineering is all around us, as:

  • Industrial Engineering, coordinating the procedures, materials, and labor to produce goods efficiently,
  • Agricultural Engineering, developing technology for agricultural production and conservation of natural resources, and
  • Food Engineering, finding better ways to produce food, ensure its safety, and improve its quality.

Latest News

View a map that shows NCTL's work in improving educational standards

Engineering for All

The National Center for Technological Literacy® (NCTL®) has been helping to educate children and adults in a variety of educational settings since 2004. This Museum of Science, Boston initiative is active nationwide via partnerships that seek to raise awareness and understanding of engineering in schools and museums. One of the world's largest science centers and New England's most attended cultural institution, the Museum is ideally positioned to lead the nationwide effort, bringing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) alive for over 1.5 million visitors a year through its exhibits and programs. Find out what's happening in your state.

  • NCTL's Impact in K-12 Education See how we are changing what is taught in classrooms all around the country.
  • NCTL's Impact in Museums and Online Not only is NCTL addressing engineering and technology literacy in the classroom, we're making the effort to bring new thinking and understanding to other environments as well.
  • State of the Nation Degrees in natural sciences and engineering have constituted just over half of all science and engineering baccalaureates since the mid 1990s, but engineering's share has steadily declined from 23% in 1985 to 14% in 2005. (Science & Engineering Indicators, 2008, National Science Board)

The Museum of Science, Boston

  1 Science Park, Boston, MA 02114  phone: 617-723-2500