The Natural Artist

This is one of many rooms from the exhibit. You can navigate three of the rooms that were in the exhibit from this window. Vistiors used headphones and CD players to hear a commentary. Read a sample of the commentary below, or have it read to you.

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  Leonardo was one of the great geniuses in history. But he was also very much a product of his time, and that time was Renaissance Italy. The Renaissance began in Italy nearly six hundred years ago, in the early fourteen hundreds. Renaissance means "rebirth." This rebirth refers to the fact that artists and scientists rediscovered the knowledge of ancient Greece and Rome, which had been lost to them for a thousand years. They applied this classical knowledge to their own investigations of the natural world and of human kind.

Perhaps the most significant change that took place during the Renaissance was a shift in the way Europeans looked at the world. They no longer relied only on the knowledge they received from the church or from the past. They put their faith above all in what they themselves observed. This passion for observing the natural world in order to learn its secrets is what characterizes Leonardo's genius more than anything else.


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