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In addition to its regularly scheduled shows and presentations, the Museum frequently plans programs that happen both within the Exhibit Halls and around Boston. Whether you want to find stimulating conversation or gaze at the stars, this is the place to entertain your intellect.
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The Museum's Green Initiative (Special Program)

In all we do, the Museum of Science strives to be a leader in using science to understand and consider the consequences of human actions on the Earth's ability to sustain and nurture life, and to use that understanding to guide our endeavors. For more information, please download the brochure (PDF) available below ... (details).

Firefly Watch (Special Program)

Spotting fireflies is a special part of any warm summer night, because we so rarely see them. Are fireflies disappearing from our landscape? If so, why? What can we do about it? This Citizen Science website helps researchers determine why fireflies seem to be declining, and it offers the general ... (details).

Wind Turbine Lab (Special Program)

In 2009, the Museum of Science installed a rooftop Wind Turbine Lab with five different types of small-scale turbines to expand its Green Initiative, a commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. The view from the Museum's garage roof in the image above shows (left to right): Proven 6, Swift, Skystream 3 ... (details).

Boston's Unseen World of Science: Taza Chocolate Factory (Special Program)

Learn how Taza makes 100% stone ground, Mexican-style organic dark chocolate, sample delicious stone ground dark chocolate, and see the vintage chocolate-making machines! Learn about the sourcing of products and the science and technology of the chocolate-making process. (details).

Boston's Unseen World of Science: Osher Center and Wyss Institute (Special Program)

Learn about the science and evidence for integrative medicine, which combines alternative and complementary techniques with modern medicinal practices; participate in a tai chi demonstration; and find out how scientists measure the effectiveness of these techniques and effects upon the body's health ... (details).

Boston's Unseen World of Science: Wind Turbine Testing Center (Special Program)

Tour the nation's largest facility for testing offshore wind turbine blades! Learn how engineers put the huge turbine blades to mechanical stress and fatigue tests, see the blades being tested and measured in action, and participate in a discussion about wind power and clean energy. (details).

Boston's Unseen World of Science: Northeastern University Exercise Laboratory (Special Program)

Learn how scientists explore the connections between exercise and nutrition and health, disease, and human performance. Talk with exercise physiologists and learn how the next generation of techniques and technologies translate into cutting-edge health research. (details).

Boston's Unseen World of Science: Gingko Bioworks (Special Program)

June 08, 2014
Explore synthetic biology, the emerging field of biological engineering! Founded in 2008 by five PhDs from MIT, Gingko Bioworks engineers novel organisms that present entirely new possibilities in fields such as energy, medicine, and materials science. Tour the laboratory and see the tools that are making ... (details).

Boston's Unseen World of Science: MIT Nuclear Reactor (Special Program)

May 08, 2014
Tour the only research reactor located on a major university campus. Learn about the design and function of the reactor, as well as its role as a research tool in nuclear science and engineering, nuclear medicine, and nuclear energy. Then participate in a conversation about the future of nuclear power ... (details).

Cosmic Loops: Music Beneath the Stars (Special Program)

Experience the moment of creation in performance as acoustic double-neck guitarist Ian Ethan Case performs live in the Charles Hayden Planetarium — his music complemented by visions from deep outer space. (details).

Cosmic Loops: Music Beneath the Stars (Special Program)

Experience the moment of creation in performance as acoustic double-neck guitarist Ian Ethan Case performs live in the Charles Hayden Planetarium - complemented by visions from deep outer space projected overhead. (details).

Segway® Experience: Charles River Tour (Special Program)

Now 50% Off It's a beautiful time of year to get rolling on our Segway Experience! And, for a limited time only, tours are 50% off! Roll along the Charles River and take in breathtaking views of Boston and the colorful fall foliage. Discount valid through November 25, 2012. Tours begin with an ... (details).

Mugar Omni Theater 25th Anniversary/New England Time Capsule Return Engagement (Special Program)

Back for a Limited Time! In 2012, the Mugar Omni Theater commemorates its 25th anniversary. Featuring New England's only IMAX® Dome screen, the theater first opened its doors on March 21, 1987. It has since welcomed over 17 million visitors and premiered signature films such as Everest, Kilimanjaro, and The Dream is Alive ... (details).

Cosmic Loops: Music Beneath the Stars (Special Program)

Imagine listening to live music as you soar through nebulas, galaxies, and star systems while simple beginnings builds layer by layer into an intricate universe of musical textures. Two musicians expand the sonic boundaries of their instruments, each with his own self-invented techniques. Acoustic double-neck ... (details).

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