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Engineering the Future - Three Day Institute

Dates: Wednesday June 27 - Friday June 29, 2012
Location: Museum of Science, Boston
Maximum enrollment: 20 educators per session
Cost: $350 per person, Free Parking
College credit: Available for an additional fee
To register contact:

This concentrated course is ideal for those teaching Engineering the Future for the first time, or for teachers who want to gain a deeper understanding of engineering and physics applications in the classroom. Participants work through key activities in each of the course's four projects, and have the opportunity to ask questions, practice what they've learned, and discuss concerns with course developers and experienced teachers.

Participating teachers receive:

Implementing Hands-on STEM Activities: the Engineering Design Process

Dates: Monday August 13 - Thursday August 16, 2012
Location: Museum of Science, Boston
Maximum enrollment: Only 10 slots available
Cost: $410, plus a $15 materials fee will to be collected at the first session of this course. Free Parking.
College credit: Available for an additional fee
To register contact:

Through individual and team experiences, participants orient and prepare to teach design-based curricula integrating science and mathematics through engineering, while promoting technological literacy. Participants will complete selected project-based student activities involving structural analysis, hydraulics and pneumatics, heat engines, and electrical circuitry. Sample activities from the full-year high school course Engineering the Future will be featured. STEM content will be highlighted and applied to complete design challenges using the engineering design process.

Engineering the Future® Online Course

Information and Registration
Maximum enrollment: 25 educators per session • Cost: $150 • College credit: Available for an additional fee.

This moderated four-week online course, which covers the same engineering education material as in the three-day institute, is ideal for high school teachers from other regions, or for those who prefer to study online.

Using course materials (such as a Snap Circuits™ electricity kit) plus other items that can be gathered from around the home, online participants perform hands-on activities, interacting with course content for about six hours per week. Additional time for designing and building projects is also required.

In-District Sessions

Customized professional development opportunities are available in half-day, full-day, or multiple-day sessions. Contact us for pricing.

Attend a workshop at your school or other chosen location, hosted by education experts from the Museum's National Center for Technological Literacy. Find out how to help your students work cooperatively to innovate, create, and integrate interdisciplinary learning. Learn how to capture students' interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by letting them apply their knowledge creatively to solve real-world problems.

Activities are drawn from the Engineering the Future course. Participants use the engineering design process themselves to solve problems that require the application and integration of STEM concepts.

For questions, or to find out more about our customized, in-district opportunities, please contact Engineering the Future at 617-589-4437,