Museum of Science, Boston

Welcome to Living Laboratory!

Living Laboratory® is a unique program that brings local scientists into the Discovery Center to share their research with the public. Families visiting the Museum are invited to participate in scientist's ongoing studies and talk with researchers about their work. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions, or email, for more information about participating in a study during your visit to the museum.

Our Living Laboratory collaborators are scientists from local universities and hospitals who study how children learn. Collaborating researchers are trained by museum educators to talk with visitors about the scientific study of how children learn, and discuss what the findings mean for children’s day-to-day activities. Scientists from collaborating laboratories are in the Discovery Center exhibit each day, conducting studies and answering questions about their work.

To learn more about how Living Laboratory is impacting scientists around Boston, check out "Day at the Museum", an article from the Association for Psychological Science.

We look forward to your feedback about your experiences in Living Laboratory as we continue to develop new opportunities for you to learn about current science that is happening right here in Boston!