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Early Learners' Guide to the Museum of Science

A highlight of exhibits that are enjoyed by children 8 years of age and younger - visiting the exhibits in the following order minimizes backtracking.

  • Live Animal Care Center (Basement, Red Wing) – a peek into where our collection of more than 120 birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects reside. You may even see the Museum's staff preparing meals for the inhabitants.
  • Shapiro Family Science Live! Stage (Green Wing, Lower Level) – Meet animals in person and discover how they live in staff led presentations. Look inside the Museum Map, or check the daily schedule for showings of For Preschoolers: Live Animal Story Time to hear a story and meet its animal star!
  • Natural Mysteries and A Bird's World (Basement, Green Wing) – explore the Museum's natural history collection of mounted animals, butterflies, fossils, eggs and more. Try your hand at classification with the make-your-own-museum activity. Look for birds you have seen around your neighborhood.
  • Take a Closer Look (Basement, Blue Wing) – Explore several stations that help us understand how our senses work. See the effects of sound waves, and test your sense of smell and hearing.
  • Dinosaurs: Modeling the Mesozoic (Basement, Blue Wing)- Become a paleontologist and explore the world of dinosaurs! Analyze fossils and discover how animals lived millions of years ago. Meet Cliff, a real Triceratops, compare your footprint to that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and don’t miss the Nectosaurs flying over head!
  • Math Moves (First Floor, Blue Wing) – Explore scale by building block structures, creating shadows and sitting in chairs of different sizes. Which one is too big? Which is too little? Which is just right?
  • Hall of Human Life (Green Wing, Second Floor) – Explore the science of you! Also home to the Chick Hatchery, Honey Bee Observation Hive and the Cotton-top Tamarin monkeys.
  • New England Habitats (First Floor, Green Wing) – enjoy the sights, sounds and even smells in these life-size dioramas of local animal mounts in their natural habitats.
  • Audio-Kinetic Sculpture (Lobby, Lower Level) – Can you follow a ball through the maze-like sculpture? The whole family will be spellbound watching the balls roll through the maze, and considering the physics that keeps them moving.
  • Museum Educators in Red Coats or Aprons are available throughout the Museum. Keep your eyes open for staffed activities where you can get a one-on-one interaction as you explore objects hands-on.