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Recycled Paper Engineering

Manufacturing engineers create many of the items we use every day, including paper! Recycled paper is made through the process of recovering waste paper and converting it into new paper. Producing just one piece of paper takes a lot of work, so manufacturing engineers often look to a variety of machines (like large blenders, long conveyer belts and heated rollers) for help in the process.

Secret Messages

Many children enjoy participating in art activities, and no wonder — art provides children a means by which to work with their hands and spark their creativity. In the Discovery Center, our goal is to help children become equally as fascinated with the science behind their artistic creations. The Secret Messages activity encourages children to explore the properties of pigments, papers, water and waxes as they try to find the best combination of materials to write, and de-code, their own “invisible” messages.

Slime Chemistry

Chemists are scientists that study what objects are made of and how different chemical materials interact with each other. Chemists study different types of chemicals and try putting them together with other chemicals to see if a change occurs. Then they try to figure out what the new materials can do, and brainstorm ways people can use them in their lives.

Chemistry is everywhere! We are chemists everyday when we cook, clean or wash our hands. Our body “does chemistry” all the time as we digest food or distribute oxygen throughout our bodies!