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Children love bubbles! Whether blowing, chasing, or popping bubbles, children are fascinated by the floating, iridescent spheres that seem to defy gravity while elegantly soaring around.

The Bubble-ology activity allows children to explore the science concepts of surface tension, air pressure, light and prisms, in a fun and interactive way. While many children have experience playing with bubbles, this activity will help them think about the science behind bubbles, and challenge them to explore the properties of bubbles by participating in a variety of engaging experiments.

The Discovery Center’s Bubble-ology activity encourages children to make observations and set a goal. Using a variety of simple tools and materials, such as straws, string, cups, and pennies, children can design their own experiments to learn about bubbles.

Whether trying to blow a bubble bigger than their head, attempting to drop a penny in their bubble without popping it, or aspiring to make a “square bubble,” children are sure to learn through play as they become “bubble scientists.”