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Hoop Glider Engineering at Different Ages

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Hoop Glider Engineering: Infants

Hoop Glider Engineering can be a fun science activity for people of all ages. We provide these generalizations as guidelines about what children at different ages might do during Hoop Glider explorations at the Discovery Center’s Experiment Station, at home in your living room, or at school. Listed below are science and technology process skills that children may be practicing during their explorations. Please remember: each child develops at a different rate, so some children in each age group may be able to do some of the things described in the age group before or after their own.

How might infants explore Hoop Glider Engineering?

Explore and Observe - Infants

Although infants do not possess the motor skills to create or test a hoop glider, even the youngest infants thoroughly enjoy watching older children fly their hoop gliders.

Older infants may want to try throwing a glider that someone else makes for them, just be sure that the glider won’t be missed if destroyed in a “crash landing”!

If infants will be present while older children are creating hoop gliders, a grownup should closely monitor the creative process to ensure that infants do not place any of the paper-clips, scissors or small bits of paper in their mouths.